Hi, I’m Ania and I created Fierce Feminine Athletics™ to empower women to reclaim their inner and outer strength through fully supported, strength training, personalized running plans and coaching for beginner and intermediate athletes that fit into their schedule, with insight on how to best train for a woman’s physiology.

If you’re anything like me,  you’ve probably tried just getting out there and running — maybe you lost motivation, maybe you got injured…so you stopped. 

Or maybe you tried joining a group running program and it was great for a while, but once it was done, so were you. You completed your first 5km and weren’t equipped with what to do next. So you joined a local fun run club, but you couldn’t keep up and quickly got discouraged. As a last-ditch effort,  you bought a fancy new Fit Bit and started using an online training plan, excited to crush your goals…and you did, until the novelty wore off.

You’ve tried running, you know the benefits, maybe you’ve felt the benefits, even for a while — but soon you found yourself unmotivated and frustrated. 

I create running plans that adapt and change as you do. I’m not just about sending you out there to fly…err run…as fast as you can. As your Wellness FaerieTM, as if by magic, I break down the important parts of training into manageable bite-size pieces (mmm bite-sized…brownies!) and all my plans emphasize the importance of rest and recovery – yes, you heard that right, you have my permission to rest AND eat brownies! Plus I help you fight the mental gremlins so you can get out there and run. 

Real  talk… 

“I can’t run” is a phrase I uttered for decades. I actually have a screenshot of a post from years ago where I commented how I’d probably die if I tried to run. No Bueno, right? Even with respiratory issue, and eventually diagnosed asthma, I tried running in grade school and I did not do very well, so I decided to stick to high jump—cardio was not my jam.

So how did I go from feeling like I’m gonna die to completing  races in the top 15-25%?

It started with a sprinkle of “hey why not”, a pinch of “I need to do something active for my mental health”…and a whole lot of motivation…to spend time with a guy I was really into who was a runner. Hey, we all got our reasons! 

I did the thing where I just ran, and for a while it was great and I felt awesome…until I didn’t and what followed was a season of crappy running and pain while I healed a Tibialis Posterior injury, which still acts up if I don’t train properly. In the process I met runners and coaches, I learned more and I changed how I run and how I train.

Ok, nice story…but why choose me?

I am no stranger to fitness instruction. Before I started running, I already had a strong knowledge of human anatomy from nearly a decade of practicing and teaching yoga. If that wasn’t enough I rock climbed and taught climbing, picking up even more first-hand experience on how the body moves and what muscles do…and don’t do.

Because of this knowledge, it wasn’t long after I started running that I was asked to assist coach a Learn to Run program; I fell in love with coaching. Over a span of 5 years I have coached hundreds of runners before completing my NAASFP Running Coach certification. In addition, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Mental Health First Aid certification, as well as training and experience teaching from a trauma-informed framework and some training in Sports Nutrition. In 2020, I became a Fitness Support Specialist, gaining even more experience in how to use my training to support those living with mental illness. Because I’m always looking to upgrade my skills to serve you better,  in 2022, I became a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

It’s been a journey…

Although I still have days when running feels hard AF, especially if I take a few too many weeks off, it no longer feels like death. I know what to do and how to train and when to rest to reach my goals. I also know when to reach out to a coach for support. When I think of how many races I’ve run, I still feel like I’m dreaming. As I look at my medals which include  countless 5Ks and 10Ks, three half marathons, an extra shiny medal for a 5K 3rd place finish in my age group and my first, but not last, Marathon…I know it all really happened. And you can do it too.

I know you must be wondering… what happened to the guy? He didn’t get the girl, but we’re cool, and more importantly, I got so much more. I found love in the most unexpected way, a love of running, that changed my life forever.

Life isn’t a linear path, and I bet you’d never guess these random fun facts about me:

  • I’m Reiki certified, which basically makes me a Jedi…but I can’t move things with my mind…yet
  • I came to Canada when I was 9 not speaking any English. On my first day of school, I had a French class…guess who doesn’t speak French tres bon?
  • I am a singer-songwriter and released an album, it was pretty low budget and cost almost as much as my university degree.
  • I used to ride a motorcycle…it cost me less than my album release.
  • Anxiety is my nemesis, thankfully running is Anxiety’s nemesis. Phew.
  • I guide backcountry canoe trips which I love, except I’m also deathly terrified of coyotes…so…adventure?
20220517_9YP_AniaFFA 00021
Credit: 9Yards Photography

Wanna learn to outrun a coyote? 

Me too! It’s impossible, but we sure can try!